The 100% Guaranteed Remedy That Cures Glaucoma, Cataract, Myopia And All Other Eye Defects Completely in Few Days


This Solution that has worked for Thousands Of People In Nigeria – Cures the following eye conditions:


   Short Sightedness (Myopia) 


   Long Sightedness (Hypermetropia)

   Poor Night Vision

   Colour Blindness

   Eye Strain



   Lazy Eye

   Light Sensitivity

…And other numerous Eye problems

Before I continue, I want to be VERY honest with you… Don’t read down this page unless you have some money.

I’m serious. You see, you are going to want…really want…the scientific breakthrough described on this page and if you can’t afford it, you are probably going to hate yourself for reading this page

If you are suffering from any of the above eye conditions, then you would benefit from what I have to show you. 

Whether you are wearing Spectacle already or your eyesight is getting worse and you think you may need spectacle in the future. Stick with me and read this whole page, and you will get your perfect eyesight back.

Your eyesight story is about to change if you stick with me to the end of this page.


NOTE: In as much as you were not born blind, there’s still hope because this product I am about revealing to you was created using a regenerative technology which the Chinese has been working on for 10 yrs – so far you are not totally blind. Your vision will SURELY be RESTORED 


You are Welcome to The Website That Reveals The Solution And Helps People Overcome Eye problems of any Type – So Far The Person Is Not Totally blind.


   12,173 People have used this remedy to:

1. Improve Their Eye Health

2. Improve the Clarity of Their Vision

3. Protect Their Vision Against Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Macular Degeneration.

4. Cure Glaucoma, Cataract and Myopia Permanently.


 I want to share the solution with you and how you can get it too.




Before I proceed, you may be wondering, is it just this product that’s doing all you are reading or any other product?

My friend, you need to understand something. All these eyes problem didn’t just happen in a day.

You need to get this right, this product was specially produced by the Chinese company called “NORLAND INTERNATIONAL” The first company that produced” “Human Regenerative Technology”

…what do I mean by “Human Regenerative Technology”, it is a technology they spent 10 years to work on just to see how that technology can help reproduce any human cells and or nerves. So in a plain English, it helps to recreate any part of the body cells that’s dead.

So, you will notice, when your eye problem started, it didn’t just get to glaucoma and cataract immediately. 

It started when you had pains and itching all over your eye sight, then your vision gradually became blurry and before you knew it, to some people, you find it difficult to see far or to see near. 

and over the years, when you finally go to see your eye doctor, he told you, you have sign of glaucoma or cataract (it may be both).

So you see, this product helps to fight the root cause of this eye problem. The product was specially produced to fight the root causes of any eye problem.                   



Say No to eye glass!

This product Helps to Repair or Regenerate your Damaged Retinal Nerve Cells: Making Sure you stop using glasses.

What this product will do for you is that, it stopped the blurred vision, reverse every kind of eye problem. Then over this treatment plan period, your vision gradually becomes better and it stopped further development of the eye disease be it glaucoma, cataract or whatever it may be, even retina issues.


This product also helps to maintain vision after eye surgical operation


It wasn’t produced by me – it was produced after 14 years of intensive research by the Chinese company.


Written Testimonies:

Testimony 1:   “I was diagnosed for myopia in 2009, I have been using glasses ever since then. but in 2019, I saw this Heathway Vision Capsule on facebook and i decided to give it a try. 
    To my surprise barely within 45days of using the product, I could see objects clearly like every other person with good eyesight. I returned to my doctor to confirm my Vision and my Doctor was surprised and asked how I did it. over 1 year now I can still see clearly. 
    I strongly recommend this product for anyone having myopia problem.”
…Amina From Yobe.
Testimony2:   “My Dad had a chronic Cataract that affected his left eye so badly and started with his right eye. He had blurry Vision and could not identify objects, the cataract had almost make him blind, then i stumbled on this product on Google and I ordered for 1 bottle in disbelieve. 
    Within 30 days of usage, my dad could see well in the morning and evening but complained of the blurry vision in the afternoon, then I was lucky enough to get the remaining 2 bottles for complete cure after just 18 days on the second bottle i noticed my dad stopped complaining of blurry vision that is how my Dad became free from cataract permanently. I then recommended this Healthway Vision capsules for my friend that had glaucoma for a long time. and he got cured from glaucoma within 66 days. 17 months now since my dad has used this product, he has not complain of any eye issue infact his eyes, 
    So i have made up my mind to share and help anyone that has any form of eye problem and i will advise those that have eye problem to use this product. It works
…Ifiok From Uyo, 

WhatsApp Testimonies




 Those are testimonies from few persons that have used this vision Capsules before, there are lots of testimonies that I get every time from people that have use this Healthway Vision Capsules but time will not permit me to share all, I just post this few once so you can know how effective this product is.


This supplement has been approved by NAFDAC, Special Eye Clinic and other International bodies


NB: Incase you are doubting or thinking this is too good to be true, I can only tell you and can’t do more than that, but I can only advice you to get it for someone to confirm how true the effectiveness of this product is.

We have few of the products available right Now, if you’re QUICK, You Can Grab Yours TODAY.
See this is my little way to help as many people as possible escape the frustration of bad vision.
More and more Newspapers, online media, Facebook, Twitter and top blogs are covering this epic discovery, leading more people to this website.
… so I don’t know how long our present stock will last.
One thing I’m sure of right now is that… Your mind is filled with doubt.
“Will this work?”
“Is this real… or another scam?”
You’re not alone!
Like most people who have read about my publication on paper, Facebook, Punch, DailyPost, Linda Ikeji blog, Sunnewsonline etc have called to confirm….


Here is The Solution I am talking about.

Healthway Vision Capsules

a.k.a Vision Vital Capsules

Manufactured By: Norland Industrial Limited ( A Chinese based Company)

Marketed and Distributed By: Divine Health ( A Registered Enterprise with Corporate Affairs Commission of
Nigeria with Reg no : BN 2904132)
The solution a top health Chinese based company have spent 10 years to research on before producing… – The Almighty Formula to END any EYE Problem.


Alleviate Any Type of EYE Problem Return Clear and Shining eye

This product is a health food mainly made up of bilberry extract, grape seed extract, taurine, zinc gluconate, vitamin A acetate, hydrogenated oil, beewax, soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, water and vegetable carbon black.
Pure Natural Plant Essence, Protect Clear and Shining Eyes Wild bilberry grows in North Europe, North America and Canada and has a long history in curing diabetes and eye diseases. Wild bilberry could prevent sight loss, macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, protect eyes from light hurt, promote vision and protect vision. and most importantly a biological substance for all eyes problem perfection
Suitable for: People with any kind of eye problem.

Here’s what This Vision Capsules Can Do To Help You:

    Improve and perfect your eyesight so that you don’t need your “readers” nearby every single time you need to read the newspaper, a report, a book, or a document.

   Strengthen your eyes and focal muscles, eliminating the painful burning sensation in your eyes at the end of every single day.

   Use a computer or watch TV without pain and suffering anytime, anywhere, and as long as you want.

   Improve ALL aspects of your vision. Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, the condition can be cured! See road signs from far away, watch a movie, play catch or read a book with just a lamp on, without stressing about carrying your Spectacle around everywhere!

   Start your day comfortably, without worrying about taking half an hour to pop your eye drop or find your Spectacle.


I can’t stress enough how expensive Spectacle and eye drops are getting nowadays, and the prices just keep INCREASING. If you spend 20,000 Naira – 100,000 Naira a year on Spectacle and eye drops, imagine how much money you’d have to spend on things like vacations and luxuries over the 40-50 years you have to KEEP buying them!

Tens of Thousands Of People Have Corrected Their Vision Naturally With This Product. And I haven’t heard from a single person who tried this product, and didn’t see improvements. Because it just works!


It’s like picking up a brand new set of eye balls!

So please, stop wasting money on expensive Spectacle and eye drops, or contemplating dangerous eye surgery, and grab HEALTHWAY VISION Capsules without ANY risk whatsoever. Because if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, I’ll send you a refund, no questions asked!


And also helps to;

 -Maintain optical clarity

 -Prevent ocular toxicity

 -Improve and increases visual acuity

 -Improve blood circulation of the eye

 -Nourishes the eye with all useful nutrient

 -Improve blurred vision

 -Cure glaucoma, cataract and night blindness.


Works PERFECTLY for men and women…WORKS Perfect For Children Too!

What’s more?


Here is The Cost of the Vision Capsule.


1 Month Treatment: (1 Bottle) = 28,000 Naira

25,000 Naira

2 Months Treatment: (2 Bottles) = 56,000 Naira

45,000 Naira


3 Months Treatment: (3 Bottles) =  84,000 Naira

65,000 Naira (RECOMMENDED)


The Most Recommended Treatment Is the 3 Bottles ( 3 Month Treatment),




You’ll Get Your Desired Result with That…I encourage you to order the 3 bottles because you’ll get the desired result with that and you won’t have to keep spending money on this again. 


For a severe eye problem e.g. Glaucoma, Cataract and someone that has done eye surgery yet still experience eye pains and other complications etc… The recommended treatment for that is the 3 months treatment package for a total cure. 


Before You Go Ahead and Order, Please Note:

   Please do not order if you don’t have cash ready to receive it ASAP Do not order if you are traveling.

   Do not order if you did not understand this article you just read

   Do not order for someone except you inform them or they asked you to do so

   Do not order if you do not pick calls from new callers 

   If you have any verification to do or you want to ask your doctor kindly do so before you place your order


Here Is How To Make an Order and receive it while you make payment upon delivery…




Send the Following Information via SMS to 09125029044

Your Name

   Your Full Delivery Address

   Specify The Number Of Bottle(s) You Are Ordering + The Product Name

   Phone Number Of The Recipient (Provide 2 If Available)

  • Example Of The SMS 
  • Mr. Williams Eze
  • 4 Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos State
  • 3 Bottles Of Vision Capsule
  • 08084601283

Don’t Forget, All SMS Should be Sent to 09125029044




If you have any question or clarification before you order, call me with the number: 09125029044

Please in case you call and the number is busy, kindly send me a text message and I will reply you. Due to demands, the phone number is always very busy.
NOTE: Deliveries take a maximum of 48 hrs depending on your location. All orders placed on Sundays will be delivered on Monday. Deliveries are done only on working days and weekends. 
NOTE: Payment is made at the point of delivery. Please do not place an order if you are not ready to pay and receive your product within the next 1 or 2 days.
Please in case you call and the number is busy, kindly send me a text message and I will reply you. Due to demands, the phone number is always very busy.
You would also receive an SMS of the dosage and prescription as soon as you get the delivery

You can place your order easily and Pay as you Confirm the Products

Payment could be made in form of cash or transfer

NOTE: Your address MUST include your State and should be detailed enough to make it traceable by the courier agent that will come around to deliver to you.
Our agent will call you within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you. Please do respond to our SMS as soon as you receive it.
Mr. Martins